Hygiene Passport Test

Preparing for the Hygiene Passport Test? Before taking to the official exam, it's good to practice similar questions in advance. This Hygiene Passport Test asks the same number of questions as in the official test and the questions cover the same topics as in the official test. 

The Hygiene Passport test contains:

  • 40 true/false statements
  • pass mark is 34/40
  • Time limit 40 min


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  • Food handling hazards
  • Personal hygiene
  • Sanitation
  • Food handling practices
  • Own-check and food legislation

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Hygiene Passport Test structure

  • Hygiene Passport Test consists of 40 true/false statements.
  • To pass the test you have to get at least 34 answers out of 40 correctly. 
  • Hygiene Passport Test time limit is 45 min.

Your answers should be written on the test form provided by the Finnish Food Authority Ruokavirasto. You will get this form from your test examiner. You should write your name and date of birth on the form. This information will be later included in your Hygiene Passport certificate. The test form should be completed with a pen of other color than black (to ensure that the answers cannot be modified later on). 

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How to pass Hygiene Passport Test?

To pass Hygiene Passport Test you have to answer to at least 34 statements correctly. If you leave the answer box blank it will be counted as wrong answer. When providing your answers remember to always consider the question from the perspective of food hygiene and bearing in mind that the action described in the statement is taking place at the food premises. You have 45 minutes to complete the test and you can leave the test premises 20 minutes after the beginning of the test at the earliest. 

How to prepare for Hygiene Passport test?

To pass Hygiene Passport test from first attempt we recommend to get acquainted with food hygiene theory and vocabulary and to test your knowledge of food hygiene basics. All this you can do on this website. We recommend ordering full version of Hygiene Passport Practice because it contains useful preparation materials and theory tests to get you ready for the official hygiene passport test. 

Why to practice for Hygiene Passport test? Hygiene Passport materials.

Even though official theory test consists of only true/false statements, it is useful to prepare for the test by practicing different types of exercises. This way learning process becomes more effective. This is why on this website you will find Hygiene Passport Practice which has multiple choice tests and interactive picture questions in addition to true/false exercises. You can practice by category at a time or test how you would perform in real test conditions with limited time. Full version also contains theoretical materials about each category of food hygiene.  

Which food hygiene topics are included in Hygiene Passport Test:

Hygiene Passport test includes the following topics: 

  • Food handling, hygienic working methods
  • Microbes and food poisoning 
  • Personal hygiene
  • Food handling hazards
  • Sanitation 
  • Own check and food legislation 

Who organizes Hygiene Passport tests? 

Hygiene Passport tests are organized by special examiners who are approved by Finnish Food Authority Ruokavirasto. The tests are organized in different parts of Finland by over 200 independent examiners. Independent examiners are also responsible for issuing Hygiene Passports. Ruokavirasto does not organize exams and does not issue Hygiene Passports. Hygiene Passport examiners are supervising the tests and make sure that no one is using their phones of other helping materials during the test. 

On the day of the test 

On the day of the Hygiene Passport test you have to arrive to the test premises well in advance. You have to bring with you your ID. Remember that during the test it is not allowed to ask questions and use mobile phones. You can ask possible questions before the test begins. After the test is finished the examiner will collect all the test forms and at the same time check the IDs. 

Proving your identity at Hygiene Passport test 

The following original valid documents with photo are accepted as identity proofs:

  • Finnish ID card with photo 
  • Finnish passport
  • Finnish Kela-card with photo 
  • Finnish driving licence 
  • Foreign passport 
  • Foreign ID card
  • Alien’s passport (accepted only if there is no entry that it has not been possible to verify the identity of the holder) 
  • Refugee travel document (accepted only if there is no entry that it has not been possible to verify the identity of the holder)
  • Residence permit card and residence card for refugees, asylum seekers or other immigrants 
  • A document issued by an authority (police / border guard). This document can be used temporarily to prove your identity.

The following documents are not accepted to prove your identity:

  • Foreign driving licence 
  • Expired documents (passport, Kela-card or ID)
  • Finnish Kela-card without photo 
  • Student card 
  • Library card 
  • Copies of original documents 

After Hygiene Passport test

After successful completion of Hygiene Passport test your certificate will be ready in 2-4 weeks. While you are waiting for the official document, you can get a temporary Hygiene Passport to your email. You have to ask your examiner about it. If you notice any mistakes in your the Hygiene Passport after receiving it, you can contact the original examiner and they should fix the mistake and send you correct version of hygiene passport. It is important that you take the contact details of the examiner on the day of the test so that you can contact them later if needed. Ruokavirasto does not itself issue hygiene passports. 

If you fail your Hygiene Passport test you can study the basics of food hygiene some more and when you are ready you can book your Hygiene Passport Test again.